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Account Setup

How easy is it to setup an account with Stage Stubs?
Setting up an account with Stage Stubs is an incredibly easy process and takes just a few minutes. To get started hit register at the top of the page.
What information is required to sign up?
The information required can differ dependant on your business type (Sole Trader / Registered Company) and your country. Typically we require some basic information about you and a scan of some government issued photographic ID.


How much does it cost to sell my tickets using Stage Stubs?
Nothing. The service is free and always will be.
Free for event organisers, how does Stage Stubs afford to run?
We cover our card charges from the fixed fee applied to each order on the buyers end.
How does Stage Stubs pricing compare to others?
Not only are we the cheapest in the market (we invite you to compare all other ticketing sites), but we are also the only one with a transparent fixed fee price.
Do you charge any other fees?
No. Unlike our competitors we don't add Sales Tax, GST, VAT, other taxes or card processing costs on top of the ticket price your customer pays. Our booking fee to the customer is fixed and inclusive, transparent and the cheapest in the market.


Can I charge different prices for different seats?
Yes, you have complete control with no limit to what price is charged for each seat. Typically they are charged via area, for example, Front Row, Premium, Standard, Standing.
Can I charge different prices for the same seats?
Absolutely, if you want to charge a different rate for the same seat you have complete flexibility to do this. For example you may want a different rate for Under 12s, Adults and Senior Citizens.
Can I charge different prices for different showings?
Of course, our pricing is as flexible as you need it to be.
Can I mark seats as unavailable?
Of course, when organising an event you always have special people to invite which you don't want to charge or perhaps a camera crew needs some seats. As a seller you can look at your event and remove the seats from the showing. Please proceed with caution, this action is not reversible!


Do my customers get a receipt?
Yes, we send a receipt to every customer who places an order on Stage Stubs.
Can my receipt include my applicable VAT/Taxes?
Yes, in your settings panel you can configure the rate at which you wish to display VAT/Taxes on your receipt.
Can my receipt include my VAT/Tax reference?
Yes, in your settings panel you can configure your VAT/Tax reference.
Can we limit the amount of tickets that a buyer can purchase?
Unfortunately, there isn't a way to limit the amount of tickets any one person can buy. The reason for this is that there are ways buyers can get around it, such as creating multiple accounts, and it'd be much more difficult to track. We do however offer release times, where you can choose a time and date for the tickets to be available for purchase. This means everyone gets enough notice and equal opportunity to create an account and purchase the tickets they wish.


When do I get the money for the tickets I have sold?
Stage Stubs has a 7 day rolling payment window, that means that you will receive each transaction 7 days on from when it was processed. (This is the maximum time frame, typically customer can see payments within 3-4 working days.)
What payment types do you support?
Stage Stubs only accepts credit and debit cards. This is to ensure the funds can go directly to you.
What card types do you support?
In the UK we support Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. In the US we support Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.
What will my customers see on their bank statement?
All orders will show as Stage Stubs Show Ticket on your customers bank statement. American Express may show “Stripe” and the Stripe address while a charge is pending. “Stripe” will be replaced by Stage Stubs Show Ticket within about 48 hours.

Event Entry

How do I know who is coming to the show?
Once you have created an event you can download an admissions list at any time from the my events section of your event organiser dashboard.
How can I check my tickets are not counterfeit?
Each ticket has a ticket ID and a corresponding unique reference. Both of these references are shown on your admissions list which you can check at entry if you suspect any fraudulent activity.
How can I speed up checking tickets at entry?
You can use our iPhone or Android app to scan tickets on the door. Search 'Stage Stubs' on the app store (Apple) and play store (Android).

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