Event name

Ballet Tales in Bloom

Event organiser

Elena Mitreva Ballet School

Saturday 06 July
£7.00 - £12.00

About this Event

We are delighted to extend our invitation to the parents, guardians and dance enthusiasts to join us for our annual gala performance.

"Ballet Tales in Bloom" is a testament to the dedication, hard work, and hours of practice our children have devoted to perfecting their craft. Witness the transformation of our children as they twirl, leap, and soar across the stage, their energy and passion radiating through every graceful movement. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world they create, where dreams become reality and imagination knows no bounds.

Dear guests, we invite you to share in their accomplishments and offer your unwavering support, as your presence in the audience will undoubtedly inspire and uplift their spirits.

Available Tickets
Saturday 05:30 PM
2024-07-06 17:30:00
Event Location
Haven Green Baptist Church Castlebar Road, London, W5 2UP

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