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STC Competition

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Showtime Circus

Saturday 12 August

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Showtime Circus have always been a super inclusive FUN and friendly non competitive school, and we will mostly remain this way. Some children and families however, have reached out about maybe wanting to compete in some National competitions and I just thought that for these students, it would be a GREAT opportunity for them to perform at an in house competition first so that they can gain experience performing and competing as well as get valuable feedback from incredible judges in the industry. 

Jolly Jess grew up competing and has a few titles under her belt, and now adjudicates the Dance World Cup as Acro judge. This competition will be super fun and friendly, with zero pressure, and every single child will get an award and praise for entering. The guest judges will be the most friendly ones I know and be fair and firm. 

There will be opportunity for you to rehearse in your own venue with your own teachers, and also chance for you to do a dress run in the Competition venue on the day if you so wish. Costumes are available to hire from only £5 and we have a HUGE range to chose from, they are also available to buy, and we have an in house seamstress who can make you a bespoke costume too. 

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Saturday 12:30 PM
2023-08-12 12:30:00
Event Location
Conniburrow Community Centre 37-39 Conniburrow Boulevard Conniburrow, Milton Keynes, MK14 7DX

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