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HULL Dance Teacher Course - Groove Child Syllabus Training

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Groove Child

Sunday 05 April
£200.00 - £250.00

About this Event

Groove Child is an additional creative syllabus designed for established dance teachers, to help increase the confidence and use of expression in their students as part of their dance school's overall ethos. The syllabus has been designed BY dance teachers FOR dance teachers, in a way that compliments any other technical dance training the children are already getting, but it supports teachers in also nurturing the expressive, emotional and artistic development of each child in an authentic and progressive way.

Syllabus Focus…

* Deepening personal expression in performance

* Improvisation and self-confidence

* Enriching their sense of musicality and overall relationship to music

* Providing a safe outlet to project feelings and emotions

* Encouraging growth mindset and celebrating individuality

* Growing their overall artistic potential in dance

At the course day you’ll receive…

* Licensee certificate

* Training in the THREE Junior levels; Purple, Yellow and Orange, covering age 3-9yrs

* Syllabus music, teachers handbook, and set work video access

* Valuable discussion around growth mindset and further talent development in dance

* A deeper understanding of the syllabus ethos, it's music, principles & concepts

* Optional creative ideas to also incorporate into your current classes

* Support from us and promotion of your classes via our social media

Course & Licence Price…

* £250 - course day, syllabus music, handbook, licensee certificate

* £95 annual licence fee

Contact us directly to book if you have a Dance Teacher Convention discount code! [email protected]

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Swanland Village Hall Main Street, Swanland, HU14 3QR.

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