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Formations Dance Company

Sunday 01 May

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Formations Dance Company presents 'Liebe' - a performance dedicated to Kevin Stockbridge. 

A little back story; 'liebe' means 'love' in German and this is where Principal Hannah's Father, Kevin, lived with his parents whilst his Father was active in the Air Force. Why 'Liebe'? Kevin always found love in everything he did, he saw the good in everyone and always lived his life to the fullest. In this production we will be finding love in friendships, families, dancing and many other wonderful things.

All proceeds from this years raffle will go to The Lewy Body Society - a terrible disease that Kevin unfortunately lost his battle with. We would love to spread awareness and help ensure that other people are able to spot the signs of LBD in their loved ones.

Thank you once again for your continued support over the last few years, we are so proud of the team that we have today. Let's put on a fantastic show and make Principal Hannah's Dad proud.

Please note: Hannah has 50 FREE child tickets available, so contact her on [email protected] to book. 

Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages - just search @formationsdance. 

Sponsored by the fabulous Apollo Damp & Timber Decay Specialists (01223  214887). 

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The Performance Hall, Comberton Sports and Arts West Street, Comberton , Cambridge , CB23 7DU

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