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Dance Recital Ticketing

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Stage Stubs is the easiest to use and best value event ticketing platform built specifically for performing arts and dance events in the United Kingdom. We understand that you need a ticketing solution that is simple to use and help you sell more tickets. That's why we have made our platform as easy to use as possible, while also providing great value for money.

With Stage Stubs, you can easily manage your ticket sales online. You can also access powerful reporting tools so you can see how your show is doing. And if you ever have any questions, our support team is always happy to help.

Dance Recital Ticketing
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We know how having a reliable and user-friendly ticketing system is important for your dance show. We know that having a hassle-free ticketing experience 24/7 is directly related to the success of your event. That's why our customer support team is always available to help your with any questions or problems that may arise and provide the best solution to help you succeed.

With our ticketing platform, you'll be able to sell more tickets than every before. and our customer support will make sure that every single one of your customers is happy with their purchase. Sign up today and start selling tickets for your show.

Dance Recital Ticketing

Completely FREE and given me hours of my life back, thank you Stage Stubs!!
Laura Chancel
Brighton, UK

Selling tickets every year for the recital was definitely the biggest chore of owning a dance school. Selling my last show through StageStubs saved me so much time and I will certainly be using it again for next years performance!
Amanda Smith
Manhattan NY, USA

This site is so easy to use and even my dance moms love it! Not only can they order their tickets, they can also choose where they sit in the theater. Will definitely be using this for all of my forthcoming shows, AMAZING!
Candi Beaumont
Atlantic City NJ, USA

No more queues, much more dancing! Thank you Stage Stubs, you have made my life that little bit easier. Couldn't recommend it higher to anyone with the same ticket struggles.
Lalya Hughes
Exeter, UK

Stage Stubs gave me the confidence to try pre-allocating my seats, it was far easier than I expected and no one was fighting over seats on the day! Very happy :)
Caroline Dunn
Chicago IL, USA

So happy to have the burden of show tickets lifted from me. I had tried other platforms but nothing was as easy to use as Stage Stubs, it was a bonus that it turned out to also be free! I couldnt recommend this product enough.
Amber Johnson
London, UK

The parents much prefer buying them online than queuing up for hours to purchase them from me in cash, can not imagine life before Stage
Carmen Holman
Oakland CA, USA

Stage Stubs held my hand the whole way, million miles easier than i managed them with mom before. Will definitely be back for our upcoming christmas show.
Mia Johnson
Charlotte NC, USA

Would highly recommend to any other super busy dance teachers! Massive weight off my shoulders. Thanks Stage Stubs!!
Mae Richardson
London, UK

Organising ticket sales for my wifes annual dance school show was a breeze with Stage Stubs. We had a 2 shows per night Monday through Friday and i was dreading the thought of having to sit with a queue of parents! Any other husbands or mums of dance school owners who get lumped with the ticket sales will feel saved with Stage Stubs.
Oliver James
Manchester, UK

The website is so easy to use. The sign up process is so quick and adding my show was so simple it's already online! Selling the tickets myself was so time consuming but at least now the parents can order them at any time of day and I don't waste valuable class time with ticket sales. Will definitely be using you again and recommending you to my fellow dance teachers!
Casey Hennessy
Myrtle Beach SC, USA

I'm so happy I've found a new way to sell my tickets. Love how easy this site is to use and I actually get the full ticket price just a few days after they're sold! I struggle to get the money up front for costumes let alone the tickets but with the regular payments coming through from the ticket sales it's helping me buy my costumes earlier. Thanks StageStubs!
Caitlin Campbell
Canton MI, USA

This has made showtime much less stressful for me! I no longer have to print and cut out tickets - ah relief! No more chasing parents or students for money, I simply send them to the website and tell them to order their tickets online. Thank you Stage Stubs!!
Louisa Davies
Swansea, UK
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