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Sell your tickets with us.

Show time is a busy time without having to worry about selling tickets to your performance. Let us do the heavy lifting and help out with your ticket sales. We don't have any reasons not to use us but here a few the positive ones...

It’s free

StageStubs is completely free for customers to sell tickets. You can get started with your event with completely zero risk.

Keep 100% of the ticket value

When selling tickets with StageStubs you retain 100% of the ticket face value.

Save hours on ticket admin

Printing tickets, selling tickets (lengthy queues), collecting money, the list goes on... Have some time back, do something you enjoy and let StageStubs handle all that.

Start in less than 5 minutes

Getting started with StageStubs couldn't be easier. Simple events take less than 5 minutes to setup (we timed ourselves!). Complex event? We will always be around to hold your hand.

What customers say 100s of teachers and studio owners already use StageStubs, find out what they think...

Laura Chancel

Brighton, UK

Completely FREE and given me hours of my life back, thank you Stage Stubs!!

Amanda Smith

Manhattan NY, USA

Selling tickets every year for the recital was definitely the biggest chore of owning a dance school. Selling my last show through StageStubs saved me so much time and I will certainly be using it again for next years performance!

Candi Beaumont

Atlantic City NJ, USA

This site is so easy to use and even my dance moms love it! Not only can they order their tickets, they can also choose where they sit in the theater. Will definitely be using this for all of my forthcoming shows, AMAZING!

Lalya Hughes

Exeter, UK

No more queues, much more dancing! Thank you Stage Stubs, you have made my life that little bit easier. Couldn't recommend it higher to anyone with the same ticket struggles.

Caroline Dunn

Chicago IL, USA

Stage Stubs gave me the confidence to try pre-allocating my seats, it was far easier than I expected and no one was fighting over seats on the day! Very happy :)

Amber Johnson

London, UK

So happy to have the burden of show tickets lifted from me. I had tried other platforms but nothing was as easy to use as Stage Stubs, it was a bonus that it turned out to also be free! I couldnt recommend this product enough.

Carmen Holman

Oakland CA, USA

The parents much prefer buying them online than queuing up for hours to purchase them from me in cash, can not imagine life before Stage

Mia Johnson

Charlotte NC, USA

Stage Stubs held my hand the whole way, million miles easier than i managed them with mom before. Will definitely be back for our upcoming christmas show.

Mae Richardson

London, UK

Would highly recommend to any other super busy dance teachers! Massive weight off my shoulders. Thanks Stage Stubs!!

Oliver James

Manchester, UK

Organising ticket sales for my wifes annual dance school show was a breeze with Stage Stubs. We had a 2 shows per night Monday through Friday and i was dreading the thought of having to sit with a queue of parents! Any other husbands or mums of dance school owners who get lumped with the ticket sales will feel saved with Stage Stubs.

Casey Hennessy

Myrtle Beach SC, USA

The website is so easy to use. The sign up process is so quick and adding my show was so simple it's already online! Selling the tickets myself was so time consuming but at least now the parents can order them at any time of day and I don't waste valuable class time with ticket sales. Will definitely be using you again and recommending you to my fellow dance teachers!

Caitlin Campbell

Canton MI, USA

I'm so happy I've found a new way to sell my tickets. Love how easy this site is to use and I actually get the full ticket price just a few days after they're sold! I struggle to get the money up front for costumes let alone the tickets but with the regular payments coming through from the ticket sales it's helping me buy my costumes earlier. Thanks StageStubs!

Louisa Davies

Swansea, UK

This has made showtime much less stressful for me! I no longer have to print and cut out tickets - ah relief! No more chasing parents or students for money, I simply send them to the website and tell them to order their tickets online. Thank you Stage Stubs!!

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