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End of Year Performance 2021

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Saturday 13 November
£1.00 - £6.00

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 End of Year Performance 

Saturday 13th November 2021 

St Mary’s College, Cranbrook Avenue, Hull, HU6 7TN 


St Mary’s College Theatre of Dreams is a slightly smaller venue than our usual show venues, so the event has been split to accommodate the whole school. Finish times are largely dependent on how quickly we get the audience seated and children to and from seats, so we would appreciate your help with this. 

LFT & Masks 

We would love and appreciate it if all performers and spectators take a lateral flow test in advance of the performance. Children in the 13:30 & 17:00 performances will be required to wear their mask when travelling in the space (masks can be secured to waist belts when performing in their own space). We do respect the views of others, and whilst masks are optional, we would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind wearing a mask when moving around the space. 


Please make sure you have emailed the Health Declaration and Covid declaration, if these forms are missing, we will be unable to let your child perform, as we will breach our BOPL contract. 


Please do not forget to download your tickets and either print or have an electronic copy ready for entry. For the safety of all children and their families, entry will be refused if you do not have a ticket 


Film and Photography is prohibited throughout the performance. Lotty and Charlotte will be photographing each performance, as we know this is a special time and nice to have pictures. Photographs will appear on our website galley for you to download. If 

you do not consent to photo sharing, pictures will be emailed to you directly. You can find your photography consent preferences on the class manager portal. 


10:00 – Approx. 12:00 - Preparatory,

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St Mary's College Cranbrook Avenue , Hull, HU6 7TN

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