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Online Junior Masterclass in Contemporary 3-7 yrs

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Challis School of Dance

Thursday 26 March

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We are delighted to offer as introduction to Contemporary Dance with our own Syanne Day. 

We had planned to start contemporary lessons in September so are very excited to be able to launch introductory lessons earlier online. 

Syanne trained at English National Ballet School and since graduating has worked on a variety of different projects ranging different dance styles from classical ballet to neo-classical to contemporary. Some of her credits include working with English National Ballet, Cork City Ballet, Mercurial Dance and Let’s All Dance. On Thursday Syanne will be taking us through some introductory contemporary classes that will include a warm up, stretch and a small routine choreographed especially for at-home performances! 
Contemporary dance combines the strong technique of ballet legwork with a modern interpretation of the torso. Syanne aims to focus her contemporary classes on the importance of musicality and performance - she will be encouraging our students to listen deeply to the music and dance reflectively to what they can hear, thereby not only creating technical dancers but brilliant performers. 
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Thursday 01:00 PM
2020-03-26 13:00:00
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3 Walton way , Aylesbury , hp217jj

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