Event name

Catalyst Christmas Party 2021

Event organiser

Catalyst Allstars CIC

Wednesday 22 December

About this Event

We all know the scenario. It's two days before Christmas Eve, there's wrapping still left to do, food for the Christmas dinner left to buy and you've forgotten to get a present for Great Auntie Mavis! You'd like to pop to the shops, but you'd have to bring the kids along, and they are resembling the Grinch now that they are 5 days into the school holidays.

Want a couple of hours to yourself to sort those last minute things, without screaming kids and/or stroppy teenagers in tow? Why not send them to our Christmas Party so they can blow off some steam!

2 hours of Christmas music, games and party food. Open to children aged 5+, non-members are welcome!

Book now for 2 hours of peace and quiet! (P.S. We promise we won't tell them your ulterior motives!)

Available Tickets
Wednesday 06:00 PM
2021-12-22 18:00:00
Event Location
The Hexagon Unit 16 Maurice Road Industrial Estate, Wallsend, NE28 6BY

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