GDPR Requirements for Event Ticket Sellers
Created Jan 29, 2023

GDPR Requirements for Event Ticket Sellers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Union (EU) regulation that applies to any company or organization that collects, stores, and processes the personal data of EU citizens. GDPR was created to protect the privacy of individuals and provide them with more control over their personal data. If you are an event ticket seller, you need to be aware of GDPR requirements so that you can stay compliant. In this blog post, we'll take a look at what GDPR means for ticket sellers and how they can comply with the regulations. 

What Does GDPR Mean For Event Ticket Sellers? 

Under the GDPR, event ticket sellers must adhere to specific rules when handling the personal data of their customers. These rules include collecting only necessary data about customers, informing customers about how their data will be used, getting customer consent before processing their data, providing customers with access to their personal data, and taking measures to ensure the security of customer data. Additionally, companies must have procedures in place for responding quickly in the event of a breach or other incident involving customer data. 

The Right Tools For The Job 

To help ensure compliance with GDPR requirements, event ticket sellers should use software specifically designed for selling tickets online. Stage Stubs is one such platform that offers advanced features such as secure payment processing and automated privacy policy acceptance—both of which are essential under the GDPR.

Additionally, Stage Stubs provides detailed reports on ticket sales so that companies can track customer activity and keep up-to-date records on who purchased tickets and when. This makes it easier for companies to identify potential issues and take action if necessary. 

Data Security Measures To Consider 

In addition to using software specifically designed for selling tickets online, event ticket sellers should also consider implementing additional security measures such as encryption (for encrypting sensitive information), two-factor authentication (for verifying user identities), intrusion detection systems (for monitoring network traffic), and security audits (for assessing potential risks).

All of these measures can help protect against unauthorized access or misuse of customer data. Additionally, companies should also have procedures in place for notifying customers if there is an incident involving their personal information so that they can take steps to protect themselves from identity theft or other malicious activities. 


By taking steps to become compliant with GDPR requirements, event ticket sellers can protect their customers' personal information while ensuring smooth operations during events. Using a software platform like Stage Stubs is one way to ensure your business meets all applicable regulations while also providing enhanced security measures for protecting customer data from unauthorized access or misuse. 

Additionally, implementing additional security protocols such as encryption and two-factor authentication can further improve your ability to keep customer data safe and secure at all times. Taking these steps now will help ensure your business remains compliant with all applicable regulations while providing peace of mind knowing your customers' information is protected from any potential threats or attacks.

Matt H

Matt H


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