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Demeric School of Dance - Adora's Gift

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Demeric School Of Dance

20 - 21 May
£13.00 - £15.00

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Demeric School of Dance presents Adora's Gift. 

Adora’s Gift – A Fairy Tale is a fairy tale about a wayward Princess who sets out on a Magic Quest and learns a Universal Truth.

It is a story of Fairies, Magic and glittering Treasure. The dancing at Princess Adora’s birthday party is rudely interrupted when a spell falls on all her guests and they are spirited away. Instead, the Rose Fairy appears and sets Adora a difficult task- to find the most precious treasure in the world and bring it back to the palace. Only then will the spell be broken and she will see her friends once more.

Four more Fairies guide and guard her on a journey through the air, over the sea, over the flowers of the Earth, to lands hot as fire and cold as ice, and Adora finds four treasures on her way. Which one is the most precious - strong enough to break the spell? When Adora is almost home, she is sad to find a poor beggar-girl sleeping in the cold and gives her all the Treasures because she is in great need. But the beggar girl was the Rose Fairy in disguise and the spell is broke as Adora has found the world’s greatest treasure - not riches but kindness- she is re-united back with her friends.

Tonight’s Performance at this Charity event is still work in progress and the last 4 items do not follow the exact order of our finished production.

ADORA’S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS (and tantrums!) lead to a magic spell cast by THE ROSE FAIRY, who sends the Princess on a journey to find the most Precious Treasure in the World. THE FAIRY OF THE AIR AND SKY, with her attendant Clouds, offers assistance. In the hot countries, Adora meets the FAIRY OF THE FIREY SUN and is almost overcome by FLAMES. In a temperate region, Adora dances with THE FAIRY OF THE GOOD EARTH. Swirling SNOWFLAKES accompany her return from the North Pole.

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Saturday 01:30 PM
2023-05-20 13:30:00
Saturday 05:30 PM
2023-05-20 17:30:00
Sunday 01:30 PM
2023-05-21 13:30:00
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Aldridge Theatre Rowledge, Farnham, GU10 4EA

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