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Remote Assistance

Something not working? We’re on it! We’re always trying to improve our support, so we’ve come up with a great idea to help… TeamViewer! TeamViewer offers a remote assistance option, so we can come to you over the internet, share your computer and fix the problem in real time.

This one-off connection means we can connect to your PC / Laptop to get the problem resolved as soon as possible, with your permission of course!

By design, once we’re both happy and you can carry on as normal, you can kick us off and close the connection at the click of a mouse, where we will no longer have access to your computer, and more importantly we won’t be able to again until you let us!

By clicking the link below, you’ll be directed to our remote assistance page on TeamViewer’s website, where you can simply download and run the program and follow the easy steps that will present on screen.

Download Support Application